Thursday, March 15, 2012

EOU Climbing Club Competes at BSU Buck-Off

On Saturday, March 10th the EOU Rock Climbing Club led a trip to Boise State University for the annual “Buck-Off” climbing competition. 4 members of the rock climbing club left at 5:00am for BSU’s campus and climbed until 4:00pm. The climbers included Mark Canavan, Chris Chipman, Scott Hatfield, and Calvin Erickson. The competition was held as primarily top rope climbs and boulder problems with a very easygoing and friendly feel. Specifically, climbers were split into either beginner (5.7-5.9), intermediate (5.10-5.11) or advanced (5.11+) and were given 2 hours to complete as many climbs as possible. The word competition here is used loosely, as often competitors would laugh and exchange beta with one another, and there were always supportive cheers with any successful climb. Winners were declared, but due to the size of this event a sponsored raffle was held were all competitors eventually won something for their troubles, and everyone went away with an excellent experience. This was the first of many trips to come and we encourage people to join the EOU Climbing Club as active members will be sponsored for free entry into many events. Rock on! (All photos Mark Canavan)

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