Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life Cycles Trailer - Mt. Emily Recreation Area Fundraiser

The EOU Outdoor Program is proud to participate in an upcoming fundraiser on Friday, March 9th for the Mt. Emily Recreation Area trail system. The Blue Mountain Singletrack Trails Club is organizing the event and the Outdoor Program is sponsoring the event location, at EOU's McKenzie Theater. Details of the event are below. Come out and watch an incredible movie for a great cause, and maybe win a mountain bike!

The movie Life Cycles will be shown at McKenzie Theater on Friday March 9, 2012 at 7:00 PM.  The special effects and scenery alone make this mt bike movie a must see!    Doors open at 6:30 PM.  We will have door prizes—so hang on to your ticket stub at the door!   Get your tickets at The Mountain Works or at the door at 6:30 PM.  Seating is limited !

We will also sell Raffle Tickets and draw the winning ticket, following the movie, for a chance  to win one of two mountain bikes (Gary Fisher Roscoe FMV $2960) or a Lapierre Technic FS 900 (FMV $2,000), or a $1,000 gift certificate for The Mt Works. See Raffle details below.

100 % of the proceeds from the Movie and the Raffle will go towards construction of new trails within the Mt Emily Recreation Area. 

Bikes may be viewed and tickets may be purchased at The Mt Works, 1307 Adams Avenue, La Grande, Oregon 97850, Monday through Saturday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, 541.963.3220. Tickets are also available from BMSTC Board Members and at the Life Cycles Mt Bike movie showing referenced above (EOU Mckenzie Theater March 9, 2012).
Questions regarding the Raffle? Contact the Blue Mtn. Singletrack Trails Club at 541.963.9740.

Notes:  Blue Mountain Singletrack Trails Club Raffle, PO Box 1227, La Grande, OR 97850. Ticket costs: 1 ticket for $10.00; 3 tickets for $25.00; 7 tickets for $50.00.  A maximum of 500 tickets will be sold prior to the drawing. No limit on the number of tickets one individual may purchase. Ticket sales will terminate on March 9, 2012 at 8:00 PM.  Winning ticket will be drawn on March 9, 2012 at ~ 8:00 PM at McKenzie Theater, Eastern Oregon University, following the showing of the Mt Bike Movie: Life Cycles, donated by lifecyclesfilm.com. You do not need to be present to win.

• Winners of a prize with a FMV of $600 or more must complete an IRS form 1099, including Social Security number.

Please contact one of us with questions?

Bart Barlow
Director and Secretary
963.9740 or 786.2036

Terry Blankenship Director BMSTC (541.786.1308), Lance Coburn Director BMSTC (541.786.0372), Whit Hartz Director (541.963.3220)
Mark Larson Treasurer and Director BMSTC (541.963.0338).

Monday, February 27, 2012

Wilderness First Aid course hosted by the Outdoor Program at EOU - April 14-15

The Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA) Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course is the best and most comprehensive course of its kind to offer relevant and realistic first-aid training for seasonal outdoor activities or short term wilderness endeavors and pursuits.

Wilderness First Aid is a two-day introduction to general medical concepts and basic life support skills. It is targeted to the outdoor enthusiast on day trips or short adventures. The course is taught by professional instructors with significant patient care and backcountry experience.

Cost: $200 for EOU students, $225 for community members (Course is limited to 28 students)

Go to the wildmed.com website to register for the course.

Contact the Outdoor Program for further information. See below for a more detailed description of the course.
Jerry Isaak
Outdoor Program Coordinator
Eastern Oregon University
(541) 962-3621

Course topics are:
Patient Assessment System; CPR; Circulatory System; Nervous System; Respiratory System; Fractures, Stable Injuries; Splints 1-Extremities; Hypothermia; Hyperthermia and Heat Illness; Near Drowning; Lightning Injuries; Wounds and Burns; Anaphylaxis; Lifting, Moving Extrication; Patient Carries; Backcountry Medicine


Patient assessment drills and simulations will be specific to the group, the environment, and the context of operations or the activities performed in the field.
Given the short duration of this course, emphasis is placed on hands-on activities, including PAS drills as a major learning tool as opposed to long lectures.
Elective topics to specific environments (altitude, tropical, SCUBA, offshore medicine, etc.) can be substituted in from the course content. Please talk to the office or instructor at time of booking.


This course is traditionally scheduled for two days or 16 hours of instructional and practice time. Upon successful completion students will receive certification in Wilderness First Aid and Adult CPR.


Certifications are valid for three years.Students should retake the WFA course or consider upgrading to the Wilderness Advanced First Aid and or Wilderness First Responder.
U.S. courses only: Students that take the WFA course will receive a $30US rebate eligible towards any WMA International course 4 days or longer.

Included Materials

All teaching materials will be at no additional cost. Students will receive the following books on this course:
  •  Wilderness First Aid Guide
  • SOAP Notebook;
  • The Outward Bound Wilderness First-Aid Handbook


We ask our sponsors and course hosts to provide outdoor equipment relevant and specific gear to their employees when in remote and austere environments. Wilderness Medical Associates International will supply a specific equipment list to cover simulation and classroom needs.


Successful completion with certification is based on 100% attendance, satisfactory performance on homework assignments and written quizzes, demonstrated proficiency with practical skills, and a successful grade on a final written exam. Wilderness Medical Associates International


Students must be at least 16 years old to participate in this course. Those under 18 years of age require the written consent of a parent or guardian.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Alpine Mentors - La Grande alpinist gives back...

One of the coolest programs that I've seen in a long time is Alpine Mentors. Developed by the world-class mountain climber Steve House, originally of La Grande, Alpine Mentors is designed to promote a distinctive style and value system in young, talented alpinists through training and mentoring from more experienced climbers.

The vision of the program is:

Small groups of young alpinists will train and climb with mentors with the aim of achieving climbs perceived to be beyond their reach. Participants will endeavor to communicate their experience with humility and integrity, will act to redress the environmental impacts of climbing, will respectfully give back to the communities that host them, and will foster an inclusive, supportive environment within local and international climbing communities at all levels.
(from the website http://www.alpinementors.org/)

Steve House writes on the website that,
"Alpine Mentors combines experience, a dash of wishful thinking, some timely inspiration, and a dose of organization. It is my vision to bring together small groups of climbers, the seasoned and the not-yet-experienced to train, climb, share and grow....Alpine Mentors is born from my wish to give back to climbing, to provide for today’s climbing-youth a resource I did not have.”

Check out the website and pass on the address to climbers you think might be interested in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from and climb with some of the world's top alpinists.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Mountain Works of La Grande, Oregon, 1307 Adams Avenue has taken over the ski tuning and waxing services from Blue Mountain Sports. Stop by or give them a call ((541) 963-3220) to get your skis or snowboard in shape for the mountain!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunshine and snowshoes

Sunshine and snowshoes were the major components of this past weekend as the Outdoor Program facilitated the Winter Backcountry Travel INTACT class at Horseshoe Prairie and Anthony Lakes. Kim Sorensen led a separate snowshoe trip to Horseshoe Prairie on Saturday. A great weekend to be outside in notheastern Oregon!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

EOU's newest art gallery is up and running!

The Outdoor Program (in Hoke 102) is now home to a rotating student photo gallery. At the beginning of each month a new student-artist will be featured, displaying 6 original photos. The themes are chosen by the artist and are, naturally, related to the outdoors.

Our featured artist for the month of February is Jacob Johansen, a full-time Rangeland Ecology & Management Major. Johansen's photos feature local plants and grasses. He is particularly interested in the challenge of taking technically valuable plant photos that have artistic and scenic beauty. 

All are welcome to stop by and check out the photo gallery (and check out some outdoor equipment too!). The Outdoor Programs' staffed hours are Monday - Thursday, 12pm - 4pm. The Outdoor Program Coordinator (Jerry Isaak) office hours are normally Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm.