Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Alpine Mentors - La Grande alpinist gives back...

One of the coolest programs that I've seen in a long time is Alpine Mentors. Developed by the world-class mountain climber Steve House, originally of La Grande, Alpine Mentors is designed to promote a distinctive style and value system in young, talented alpinists through training and mentoring from more experienced climbers.

The vision of the program is:

Small groups of young alpinists will train and climb with mentors with the aim of achieving climbs perceived to be beyond their reach. Participants will endeavor to communicate their experience with humility and integrity, will act to redress the environmental impacts of climbing, will respectfully give back to the communities that host them, and will foster an inclusive, supportive environment within local and international climbing communities at all levels.
(from the website http://www.alpinementors.org/)

Steve House writes on the website that,
"Alpine Mentors combines experience, a dash of wishful thinking, some timely inspiration, and a dose of organization. It is my vision to bring together small groups of climbers, the seasoned and the not-yet-experienced to train, climb, share and grow....Alpine Mentors is born from my wish to give back to climbing, to provide for today’s climbing-youth a resource I did not have.”

Check out the website and pass on the address to climbers you think might be interested in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from and climb with some of the world's top alpinists.

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