Monday, November 7, 2011

Ski Bus from La Grande during Winter!

Anthony Lakes Ski Area has arranged transportation from La Grande to Anthony Lakes during the ski season! Saturday and Sunday transportation will leave from La Grande at 7:30AM and return at 5:00PM.

There are no more excuses for students who haven't bought a season's pass (only $199). Come out on Thusday evening to Huber Auditorium at 6PM (movie 'The Art of Flight' starts at 7PM) to buy your season pass and get stoked for snow!

Transportation Logistics:

Saturday, Beginning December 3rd. The bus will leave from The west side Community Bank at 7:30. Cost $5.

Sunday, beginning December 4th. Transportaion will be provided and leave from Legacy Ford at 7:30. Riders will need to call at at least 2 days in advance either Legacy ford at 541-963-2161 or Anthony Lakes at 541-856-3277. Cost is free.

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  1. From the images I've seen, it is an adventure trip going to that snowy place. Is the travel always like that? How about if you have truckload shipment?